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E-Services in Ethiopia (is currently undergoing system upgrade to improve customer experiences.)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an essential tool for electronic government of nations across the globe. Cognizant of this fact, the Ethiopian government is progressively working towards E-Government goal of establishing IT-enabled government service delivery. To this end, the government has been undertaking different initiatives to use ICT as a major tool for its development agendas. The government believes that ICT can play a role in facilitating and improving public services to citizens, residents, businesses, and bring its institutes closer to stakeholders. It is believed that services delivered through the use of ICT can improve the quality of services, minimize cost for both the citizens and the government, improve accessibility of the services, and facilitate accountability and transparency in the government's processes.


The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) with the mandate of leading, coordinating, monitoring and controlling all government ICT activities including the E-Government; and it is supporting various government organs for availing electronic service to citizens and businesses. As a result, citizens and businesses are able to request public services by filling out electronic forms and attaching scanned versions of all necessary supporting documents from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, they can track the status of their requests using unique service request tracking numbers; arrange appointments with the service providing government organizations when physical presence is required; get periodic notifications through email and SMS; and provide their feedbacks for future improvements.


Noting these important benefits of e-services, MCIT has launched more than 28 transactional services extracted from the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Ministry of Urban Development and Construction (MUDC), Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority (FMHACA), Agency for Government Houses (AGH), and Transport Authority on this portal. More services are to come from various government organizations very soon.


To see the list of government organizations that provides electronic services, click here.

To see the list of public services that are provided electronically, click here.

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